Destiny of Mind

January 28, 2009

Have u ever thought of mind  having a destiny(fate),or it can change destiny ?

Satisfy urs mind not by eating more,but by perception that you had satisfied any hungry person( by providing food luxury etc).Destiny of mind changes from person to person,situation to situation,time to time.Following example will definately clear urs thoughts to some extent.A guy prepared for medical and got engineering seat by chance.You might be thinking why he had choosen engineering ? ALL because of money,fame,etc. So here again the D of M changes.Years passed silently and peacefully ,but fate again showed its colours…Recession period came and there was a cut in jobs….

Not always but slowly and slightly a thought was arising in his mind that might he had done medical…

HERE again the proverb sounds a lot,dont u think so ?

Cursing to the college is a bad habit indeed.Its not the college that is bad or good,its the mind that let u think all this nonsense.It represents the lower thinking and to some extent negativeness of urs mind.

If you have the ability in you nobody can abound it.

At last i want to say that “If u are able to restrain ur mind,u can change everything IN THIS WORLD “.