“Real Time Heroes……………..”

April 10, 2011

Hero a word whenever heard,describes a personality endorsed with every quality.Heroes are idols whom people follow in life.Actors,cricketers,sports personnel,politicians are some categories known to every one and every one must be following someone in any respect…

But have to ever thought of the heroes who die for there country and given only a medal in view of there sacrifice towards the country…..
Country must respect and honor there sacrifice….
There sacrifice must not go in vain.I only want to say that,people know about Sharukh khan,Sachin tendulkar,Yuvraj singh,Akshay kumar etc etc,but real time heroes must be remembered other wise who will sacrifice for the nation ….
MOST PEOPLE will be still confused that what i am talking about.Guys i am talking about the sacrifice done by the the defense personnel’s…
Only giving a medal in lieu of the sacrifice in not what they sacrificed there life…
They must be remembered so that young generation must take right idols in life..
Stories about there courage must be published,lessons about there life from becoming plant to tree must be taught in schools.Families of those persons must be honored…posters of those brave guys must be there in market so that people can know about there ‘s ideology….

I am not saying that, do some thing hifi for them ,but they must be remembered every year….
I am discussing all this becoz most people don’t know the name of any param veer chakra vijeta the highest gallantry award given by Indian government…
I am shameful to say that in a few years even people will EVEN remember there name.They are mostly remembered whenever war is there….
Government can give crore of rupees to world cup winners,to actors,but is government is ashamed of giving some help to all those people who died for hind…who died for there motherland….
But this help will never come unless youth will take action …..but how youth will remember….as no where any topic of these guys are discussed…
There are real heroes in my eyes .i like actors ,sportsmen .But when ever i read about the gallantry shown by these people,I feel something which i cant explain from heart….

From Punjab to Assam ,from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari ,whole land had produced warriors who led there country to pride,who sacrificed there lives to save ours,who were in battlefields when everyone was sleeping,who were surrounded by enemies when every one of us was with our relatives.
There sacrifice in unforgettable.There are many who gave there life for this country and nation and people of this nation must respect them ...names of theses guys are only found on ssb centers or in defense academies.There stories must be published so that every children of this country must put his name before any actor,politician ,sportsman.
They must remember there names with pride.Here are the few names but list in too long …………..



February 18, 2010

Human Being is a species, that cant live alone.
Its the only one species that can chat,express feelings,achieve anything what they wish etc.This is a fact,that no can live alone.A child is born to parents,he knows them,shares every thing with them up to his adolescence and after that too.In all his life time he came across various relationships,persons,personalities,accidents,events,etc. HE remember them all ,but one relation which he develops by himself by going in the outer world,by which he nurture himself,whom he can never forgot throughout his life time,is FRIENDSHIP….

A topic which has no ends.If somebody start on speaking or writing about his friends ,he will never at any point stop in describing them.A topic which has no bounds,limitless.FRIENDS this word is a very precious word.Every one has friends.From the birth to death we came across friends in locality,school ,college,offices,pen friends,internet friends,accidental friends(while traveling,visiting other colleges etc).A few enters yours heart , and you don’t want to loose them.The person lying in this criteria are the closest friends, i mean to say best friends for ever…….

Realization of friends doesn’t occurs when you are with them,it is felt when u are alone.

You cant live without friends.Life is heaven when you are with,friends.Enjoying gossiping,teasing,sharing feelings etc with friends.You cant forgot those moments,spent with yours friends throughout yours life.School days,a replica of childish nature.You cant understand the IMPORTANCE of FRIENDSHIP at that stage of life.Selfish nature predominates in friendship at this level.College life a stage where again we meet new friends, few of us get opportunity to meet friends from others parts of country, religion and culture.At this point of time,majority of the students enjoy and taste the sweetness of friendship.Roaming with friends in college campus,enjoying at the cafeterias,bunking classes,commenting ,proxies in lectures etc etc.

Many make a strong career, many make strong friends,and some like me wants to make both.Friends are the only thing we are gonna miss after college.College is the reason,where we meet after semesters and semesters.When these will be over, no more reasons to meet,but still we will remember…..Its the phase where you will get true friends.This doesn’t mean,after college no one can make friends.Its on the God,when he will send a strong and sounding friend for you.But,its the college life where you can get the experience of phenomenon called FRIENDSHIP.Friends should be encouraging ones.

I was once questioned by a teacher,to speak on friendship.At that time when i answered that “Its a phenomenon of life” ,and whole class laughed.But its true, its a phenomenon that exists in every one’s life.Friends at offices,work,later on life etc also plays an important role in life.But college friends (never again….)
Word are endless,to write on this topic….
I am too,realizing this in the final semester of my life,at college.
This topic is first of all dedicated to GOD, giving me so nice friends.Dedicated to all my friends.Want to mention names of some at the end of this topic-With nick names-Lalla,Farman khan,Sudha,Yogi,Pinky,period,ashish,biren and many more( college friends),ssb friends (Sashank Tandon,Pawan Shrivastav,Harsh Sir,Deepak Sharma) school friends (Fuden,U Banerjee) Internet Friends (A to Z).


February 13, 2010

Was recollecting form the past experiences…..
that a factor plays an important role besides hard work and all efforts…..

Many people don’t believe in this fact.They consider there’s success is the result of hard work etc.Of course hard work is there behind every work and success but hard work only pays when luck is with you.
So,finally i came to a conclusion that

LUCK a great factor,if it goes high you will be an emperor,if it goes low you will be a loser.

You will notice some changes,signals around you before something excellent is going to happen,but those events,signals,changes are realized later on. Many people work on hard continuously, for hours and hours to achieve there goals .They succeed to achieve them but only a very few with superior luck excels to top in that field….
Frankly saying there’s a proverb in Hindi –“Jab khuda meharbaan toh gadha pehalwann” means all is luck and nothing else.
I had seen many experiences, in case of me and mine friends. Think, of the up most success,you have got in yours life and also think once that luck was behind it or not……..
You will definitely find a close relationship between achieved success and luck.
Great kings ,leaders,thinkers,inventors,warriors etc are a mixture of hard work and luck.
You can win a battle with courage and luck.
Closing the topic with this short discussion,i will say that ITS THE luck that is behind every SUCCESS.


February 13, 2010

Was out of writing for many months.
Today realized ,when i saw a mail showing mine Indiblogger rank 25.
I know,that i can write .I want to write.Its my hobby.Its my ultimate desire .Was busy these last months.

So i am back again….
There’s a lot of events, adventures,places i visited to share ……
Sorry to all who usually visits mines blog…..
At last Thanks to Indiblogger Once again.

True relations are churned up, during Bad times……….

April 13, 2009

Hard (bad) time or good time ………
Performance of an individual matters….
Life composed of both hard and happy moments.Every one can perform well and extra-ordinary in these exciting (happy) moments of life,but a warrior is one,who performs up to expectations in hard moments.Situations,friends,relatives and even the world around you will show changes,whenever this tough time sounds in anyone’s life.
Life is full of these hard and soft moments.
Time is the enigmatic healer of deeper wounds.Hard time will show you the real picture of this world around you.You will definitely found changes in the outer world whether,in behavior of yours friends,relatives,colleagues,neighbors and any activity related to you.Despite going through these hard moments of life,this time will show you the hidden faces of your dear ones.

Since there are two faces(hard and good ) of life,but the hard phase of yours life will reflect the real picture of yous near ones.A true relation is one which does not let you alone even in these unhappy moments of yours life,whether this relation may be in the form of friend or any relatives etc.

As this time will show you many unpleasant situations,downs and downs.So,never underestimate yourself in this( precious) time as it will regain yours life with true relations,friends,neighbors and colleagues etc.Not having more stuff to go on further on this topic,so ends here saying……
true relations are churned up during Bad times

“Believe in GOD,the world will believe in You”

February 15, 2009

GOD………a unique and ultimate truth of life,universe.

Various questions can come to urs mind like.WHETHER God exists or not etc.
There are various methods, which can realize u that there is an almighty which exist,who is controlling this world, nature,humanity.
Exploring God in temples,mosques,church is not only the primary requisite.
Explore God in yourself,in urs friends,people and in humanity.We are a portion of God performing work what he had already written in our destiny.We are the creatures that are performing our duties under his order.
What problems we are facing today are due to the sins we had done in our past.
Cursing God for ur problems,diseases studies etc is a bad habit.
What had written in urs fortune it will definitely going to happen.He is the “Almighty”who does every thing that is helpful,beneficial to the humanity,nature and this universe.

God is hidden in yourself,all we had to do is “Exploration,realization”
Swami Vivekananda when asked a question to his GURU-Rama Krishna Paramhansa that -“Have u seen GOD ?”
He answered that-“I see God by seeing u”.
So,we can conclude that religion are only the paths that lead us to God.

Ques-Every one in this universe had an insurance in Banks etc.,but what about the insurance that is going to help after we are DEAD?
Ans- All the good work,things we had done to society,humanity,worshiping God etc are the parts of life which can increase our insurance.
Soul is an integral part of our body.Soul must be bathed by good thoughts,feelings,etc.
It is the efficiency of the SOUL which counts for urs selection in “Hell or Heaven”.

All the above discussion will be like a myth for ” Younger GENERATION”.But i realize that there is a power that is guiding this world
Nature is an another face of God.Whenever the balance of nature is disturbed,it brings earthquakes,floods,famines,volcanoes.To maintain a balance “Eco friendly act must be there”.

Meditation ant to some extent Yoga can lead us to god.GURU is also necessary for this….
He can act as a link to connect us to god.With the advancement of technology new generation is confused about the “existence of God”.It is the duty of the parents ,that they must give knowledge of ALMIGHTY,Custom,traditions of our forefathers.
So in the end i can say that “If u believe in GOD,the world will believe in u” .