“Learn to control on yourself, to serve humanity.”

March 3, 2009

Control on self is a part of character that must be present in every body or it must be achieved during time.It is a type of management that must be learnt.It’s phenomenon must be applied from day to day life

Excess of everything is worse.Excess eating,drinking,playing and even excess studying is also bad.Everything in limits is desirable for a proper and accretionary growth.We must have control on ours bad and well as good habits.Desires,sex,greed,anger are some of the bad qualities that must be in control.

Now the question that arises in every ones mind is-

” How to control ????? ”

As far as i think without control over yours mind you can’t control over things popularly known as ” Indriyaan” in hindi literature.Only great people,yogi’s,saints, have control over these “Indriyaan” 1.Kam (Lust) 2. Krodh (Rage) 3. Lobh (Greed) 4. Moh (Attachment) 5. Ahankar (Ego).

Life must be focused on ” How to control on them”.
Saints who have no relation with worldly alluring things can achieve this position.Spiritually speaking this position can be achieved by meditation,yoga etc.
Dreams are accompanied by desires.If you have control over yours desires( or greed),you will have no regrets of not achieving them.
“Learn to control on yourself, to serve humanity.”Change the structure of mind to controlling actions.
Once you will practice controlling,naturally u will become adaptive to restrain features of mind.

“Anger(anger)” is an another feature that refrained.Its a poison that can destroy urs relationships,degrades yours social position etc.
Ahankar in the positive direction is fruitful.It reflects yours efficiency, confidence,power.But over confidence must not be there.Practicing(in ones working area,profession,activities) must be done in order to give stabilization & increase yours ego.
Powers are always given to those who have control on self.All have special powers in them like-managerial,teaching,spiritual,leader ism etc.All the process needed is to carven it.Now u can carve it by controlling yours mind.So everyone must develop a phenomenon,or system to conrolllllll……


“Believe in GOD,the world will believe in You”

February 15, 2009

GOD………a unique and ultimate truth of life,universe.

Various questions can come to urs mind like.WHETHER God exists or not etc.
There are various methods, which can realize u that there is an almighty which exist,who is controlling this world, nature,humanity.
Exploring God in temples,mosques,church is not only the primary requisite.
Explore God in yourself,in urs friends,people and in humanity.We are a portion of God performing work what he had already written in our destiny.We are the creatures that are performing our duties under his order.
What problems we are facing today are due to the sins we had done in our past.
Cursing God for ur problems,diseases studies etc is a bad habit.
What had written in urs fortune it will definitely going to happen.He is the “Almighty”who does every thing that is helpful,beneficial to the humanity,nature and this universe.

God is hidden in yourself,all we had to do is “Exploration,realization”
Swami Vivekananda when asked a question to his GURU-Rama Krishna Paramhansa that -“Have u seen GOD ?”
He answered that-“I see God by seeing u”.
So,we can conclude that religion are only the paths that lead us to God.

Ques-Every one in this universe had an insurance in Banks etc.,but what about the insurance that is going to help after we are DEAD?
Ans- All the good work,things we had done to society,humanity,worshiping God etc are the parts of life which can increase our insurance.
Soul is an integral part of our body.Soul must be bathed by good thoughts,feelings,etc.
It is the efficiency of the SOUL which counts for urs selection in “Hell or Heaven”.

All the above discussion will be like a myth for ” Younger GENERATION”.But i realize that there is a power that is guiding this world
Nature is an another face of God.Whenever the balance of nature is disturbed,it brings earthquakes,floods,famines,volcanoes.To maintain a balance “Eco friendly act must be there”.

Meditation ant to some extent Yoga can lead us to god.GURU is also necessary for this….
He can act as a link to connect us to god.With the advancement of technology new generation is confused about the “existence of God”.It is the duty of the parents ,that they must give knowledge of ALMIGHTY,Custom,traditions of our forefathers.
So in the end i can say that “If u believe in GOD,the world will believe in u” .

Life an unrevealed secret….

February 11, 2009

Life ? four letter word, but still very confusing if u think deeply.
Dealing with the defination of life.What do u think life is – an art,or passion ,or a motivation,or a hidden literature ?

Taking first life as an art.Art of life means-Does yours life has an effect on others, still living or when u are died.
There is a pronounced line called “Art of Living”,whose meaning remain same “Impactness of urs precious life on others.
Simple living and high thinking should be urs main motto.People are playing there role under the conscience of GOD.He (GOD) had given us opportunity to set an example for others.Life may be of short duration but its impact must be of large duration.

Life,degree of happiness changes with time.Time brings changes in life.Life means “Variations”.How urs life has changed from school boy,to a college guy and to adult.Dont u think there’s a change,whether it is in way of thinking,behavior,life styles.
Desires and time are integral features of LIFE.During life time desires are not finished,increasing day to day.

“Life Time” should be better pronounced as “Time Life”…………
Life Time means “What a person had done or achieved during his entire life time” and Time life means “How u had changed,lived,reproduced urs life with time”.

Literature of struggle,desires,motivation,passion,sex,interdependence,variations,development etc..
The conceal secrets of SPIRITUAL life delve out after get deceased.
So at last i can say “Life is still an unrevealed secret”

Destiny of Mind

January 28, 2009

Have u ever thought of mind  having a destiny(fate),or it can change destiny ?

Satisfy urs mind not by eating more,but by perception that you had satisfied any hungry person( by providing food luxury etc).Destiny of mind changes from person to person,situation to situation,time to time.Following example will definately clear urs thoughts to some extent.A guy prepared for medical and got engineering seat by chance.You might be thinking why he had choosen engineering ? ALL because of money,fame,etc. So here again the D of M changes.Years passed silently and peacefully ,but fate again showed its colours…Recession period came and there was a cut in jobs….

Not always but slowly and slightly a thought was arising in his mind that might he had done medical…

HERE again the proverb sounds a lot,dont u think so ?

Cursing to the college is a bad habit indeed.Its not the college that is bad or good,its the mind that let u think all this nonsense.It represents the lower thinking and to some extent negativeness of urs mind.

If you have the ability in you nobody can abound it.

At last i want to say that “If u are able to restrain ur mind,u can change everything IN THIS WORLD “.

new era in the history of UNITED STATES

January 24, 2009


With Barack Hussein Obama becoming the 44th and  first black president of United States,a new era inthe history of US had began.

He is the african -american becoming the president of US.He had taken his oath on 20th jan 2009.He had joined the office at the time when a recession period is going in US and whole world.So,his first priority will be setting appropriate measures to bring a stability and to some extent bring a surge in the economy.Secondly ,steps will be taken by him to give an end to the war in Iraq and eradicate the rest Al-Qaida from Afghanistan.With George Bush going down,there  will be affect on the nuclear deal which was signed by US congress a few months back.

India have to keep it  relations best with US if it had to combat against terrorism.Both countries have to work symbiotically to  that can help each other,but India’s needs are more than America.

Focusing on the life of B. Obama,he was previously the junior united state senator from Illinois.He got 367 votes inthe election against Mccain who only got 168.Past US presidents who belongs to  Democratic party ,they are not good enough towards India.But Obama and Hilary Clinton  in its speech had given sympathetic words regarding India.

At last i will end this with his word given to the world (from India Today )-“we can’t help but believe that the old hatred shall someday pass;that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve;that the world grows smaller;our common humanity should reveal itself;;and that America must play its rolein unshering a new era of peace”.


January 24, 2009