Was recollecting form the past experiences…..
that a factor plays an important role besides hard work and all efforts…..

Many people don’t believe in this fact.They consider there’s success is the result of hard work etc.Of course hard work is there behind every work and success but hard work only pays when luck is with you.
So,finally i came to a conclusion that

LUCK a great factor,if it goes high you will be an emperor,if it goes low you will be a loser.

You will notice some changes,signals around you before something excellent is going to happen,but those events,signals,changes are realized later on. Many people work on hard continuously, for hours and hours to achieve there goals .They succeed to achieve them but only a very few with superior luck excels to top in that field….
Frankly saying there’s a proverb in Hindi –“Jab khuda meharbaan toh gadha pehalwann” means all is luck and nothing else.
I had seen many experiences, in case of me and mine friends. Think, of the up most success,you have got in yours life and also think once that luck was behind it or not……..
You will definitely find a close relationship between achieved success and luck.
Great kings ,leaders,thinkers,inventors,warriors etc are a mixture of hard work and luck.
You can win a battle with courage and luck.
Closing the topic with this short discussion,i will say that ITS THE luck that is behind every SUCCESS.


7 Responses to Luck…..

  1. Shashank Tandon says:

    Good job dude……

    and yes its luck that matters, agreed definitely

  2. Well spoken. I have to research more on this as it seems quite interesting.

  3. amber says:

    very well written
    n i feel its luck that we met,so in our case luck matters…….
    u r going well my frnd,All the best n luck….

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  5. prabhjot says:

    My views are bit different, yup i believe in the other way round. A small example to prove my point: You started your blog, keep on publishing posts so your Indirank gone up. But the moment you left this blog the rank started moving other way round. So this purely shows what all matters is your hard work, how much you take out time and express out over here. Nd thus it’s nothing to do with luck..
    {just my views}
    Best wishes!!

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