True relations are churned up, during Bad times……….

Hard (bad) time or good time ………
Performance of an individual matters….
Life composed of both hard and happy moments.Every one can perform well and extra-ordinary in these exciting (happy) moments of life,but a warrior is one,who performs up to expectations in hard moments.Situations,friends,relatives and even the world around you will show changes,whenever this tough time sounds in anyone’s life.
Life is full of these hard and soft moments.
Time is the enigmatic healer of deeper wounds.Hard time will show you the real picture of this world around you.You will definitely found changes in the outer world whether,in behavior of yours friends,relatives,colleagues,neighbors and any activity related to you.Despite going through these hard moments of life,this time will show you the hidden faces of your dear ones.

Since there are two faces(hard and good ) of life,but the hard phase of yours life will reflect the real picture of yous near ones.A true relation is one which does not let you alone even in these unhappy moments of yours life,whether this relation may be in the form of friend or any relatives etc.

As this time will show you many unpleasant situations,downs and downs.So,never underestimate yourself in this( precious) time as it will regain yours life with true relations,friends,neighbors and colleagues etc.Not having more stuff to go on further on this topic,so ends here saying……
true relations are churned up during Bad times


8 Responses to True relations are churned up, during Bad times……….

  1. Zeon says:

    I’m not into relations and stuff. But your opinion sounds true.

  2. aditi says:

    Very well said….You are a blessed writer…keep it up and best wishes…

  3. tarun says:

    “this time will show you the hidden faces of your dear ones”.. deep thinking dude!!!!
    a very good start!!!
    .. keep writing… u got a hidden writer in you
    my best wishes to u …

  4. Michael says:

    I agree with you. Keep up with your posts. Best Wishes.

  5. Prabhjot says:

    U said well, it’s nt tht every time we get as we thought of.
    Best wishes!

    Do hv a look:-

  6. Alok says:

    Well written..

    Keep up the good work…

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