“Love to live,live to love…”

Love to live,or live to love ……………….
Quite confusing isn’t it ????
Love is a fact,that joins all of us.Starting thought that should be present in every one that “Love yourself first,then world around will love you”.Don’t ever think that you are ugly and don’t be proud that you are beautiful.An ugly person have some characteristics that are beautiful in some other respects or a bad person may have some sinister features.
When the above “perception” of loving yourself changes,then “Love your parents” as they are the beautiful asset provided by God.Love can’t be created can’t be destroyed also !!!!
Love (feelings) came from heart and can’t be changed(destroyed) to hatred.Love still persists ,hidden in some corner of heart,even if we show something else(hatred).
Learn to love ,as it doesn’t require any guidance,teaching etc…
Love urs friends “as they are the precious gift that you will never accomplish in yours life”.

Love children ” as they are the beautiful flowers that bliss every time…………………………..”.

Love the nature around yourself and feel every moment the love shown by nature towards you.”

Love yours village “where you were sent by God to perform the duties designated by him”

Love the country ” in the girth of which you are being reared up,whose air you are

breathing,whose grains we are eating”.

Love your school,college,university “where u had learnt the morals of life”

Love your teachers “who moulds your way of thinking,character,etc…”

Love the people around u “so that social aspects can be maintained and help them as a task of God

performed by u”.

Love the profession ” you are dealt with as this will motivate you to help mankind..”

At last i can say that love people,children,humanity….., God will definately love you as his favourite creation on earth.


7 Responses to “Love to live,live to love…”

  1. stormyriver says:

    Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment! I find inspiration for my photo’s from noticing the smallest of things hold beauty as well as the bigger more dramatic things. My kids reminded me of that! Most of the photo’s are taken at home, in the garden etc…
    I very much enjoyed reading your blog. Especially this one as it too, reminds me of what is too easy to forget sometimes. 🙂

  2. Hi Chanderdeep,

    I believe u have a strong stand on ur thoughts which directly enhances the blog/topic you write on. I’m indeed impressed with ur command & clarity in the issue you raise.

    Heres wishing u All the Best for ur blog..
    And by the way, thank u for appriciating my blog “Humming Today”.
    Hope WE shall be in future frequent visitors to eachother’s blog.
    Celebrate Life..
    Rachana Shakyawar.

  3. Hi Chanderdeep,

    I believe u like to take strong stand on ur thought which is actually good, as it shows directly ur command, commitment and clarity in ur blog written.

    Heres wishing u all the best for ur blog.

    By the way thank u so much for appriciating my blog ‘Humming Today’. Hope in future WE shall be frequent visitors of eachother’s blogs.

    Celebrate Life..
    Rachana Shakyawar.

  4. Prabhjot says:

    I stand by whatever you told in this post.
    Have a great time ahead…
    Keep Blogging.

  5. Pushkar says:

    Fantastic post. Good going Chander. Keep churning out such lovable posts.

  6. Hemal says:

    its all about loving yourself and thy neighborhood… that succeeds your purpose of life

  7. Demiflelm says:

    Sorry for being OFFTOPIC – which WP template are you using? Looks awesome!

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