“New Face Of Indian Culture “

Reading this topic u will realize that i am a bit conservative in nature and thoughts,but realities are facts that must be shared with everyone.
India known as the land of culture ,traditions,customs,beliefs etc,but this defination no longer exists.Indian culture is deteriorating day by day,place to place.Starting from the home,now days joint family system has been totally disintegrated and single family had superseded it.

Children who use to get love and affection from there grandparents in earlier days no longer exists.Lot of qualities were found in individuals reared under the guidance of grandparents like respectful and helpful behavior,responsibility,understanding situations etc.
But today situation is so much drastic that “Young generation doesn’t want to live with there parents after marriage”.Old age homes are the result of that.They don’t realize the importance of having parents and the sin they are doing in neglecting them.

People usually say “Parents hold position next to god “and in my ideas “even ahead of God”.
Blessing of parents have long-lasting effect.Don’t this generation realize that they will have to face the same situations when they will be older.Sins done today will definitely show there colours one day.

Secondly,present generation is greatly influenced by western culture.Boys use to look like girls and girls use to look like boys.Boys have long hair,wearing ear rings etc all popularly known as fashion.Girls have every short hair,short dresses.
Cinema is equally responsible for this.Results are inter-caste,inter-religion marriages,concept of living relationship etc.Percentage of love marriages have been increased,but there’s unsuccessful ratio had also increased.
Thirdly,the image of so called guru( teacher) had fallen,and so the thinking of the student.Quality of education had fallen a lot.Previously students use to worship there Guru’s as god ,and now days they are abusing them.Alcoholism,taking drugs at younger age,smoking,ragging etc bad qualities are nurturing a lot in younger generation.
Taking the political view,leaders are not performing there duties as performed by great Indian leaders earlier.
Money has become the primary moto and not duties,responsibilities work etc.

Regionalism,that we are north Indians ,they are south Indians is the most prevailing thought that is superceding the aspect of Indian ism.We are demanding, fighting for the separate regions like “Gorkha ,naksals,separate telangana etc.We must realize that we belong to a land where diversified cultures,traditions,religions,languages,climate,caste ,colour,creed etc are existing from many years.
“Unity in diversity”exists which must mat be destroyed.
So summarizing, i can say that there are many more aspects in which our culture is deteriorating…
“Revolution in mind is necessary to stop all this…”


12 Responses to “New Face Of Indian Culture “

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  2. sm says:

    good debating topic just wanted to tell you that
    culuture is not static its changing thing as our society changes for the benefits of males and females both,not only males.male is not god.

  3. Sameera says:

    We should ape the West, especially their qualities such as professionalism, discipline, education, zero-corruption, etc. If you agree, then support this online petition!!

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  10. vishakh shukla says:

    To be honest, I think India’s “modern” culture is much, much more bad than the american culture. I am living in USA for many years and I think that a strong action must be taken

  11. santosh says:

    one hand we are talking a lot about women empowerement ,other side if they are given freedom they are destroying our indian customs by drinking alcohol,living relationships,extramarital affair,lesbians ,gigolo culture(i am not talking about general girls but rich living in elite areas of mumbai and delhi) they are not misusing their freedom, as every action there is always affect thats why OUR CAPITAL DELHI IS CRIME CAPITAL.so only wearing fancy clothes of western side not going to improve our women condition ,they have realize that india is not america lot of improvement needed,only govt.will not improve their situation there need precaution from their side also

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