“Believe in GOD,the world will believe in You”

GOD………a unique and ultimate truth of life,universe.

Various questions can come to urs mind like.WHETHER God exists or not etc.
There are various methods, which can realize u that there is an almighty which exist,who is controlling this world, nature,humanity.
Exploring God in temples,mosques,church is not only the primary requisite.
Explore God in yourself,in urs friends,people and in humanity.We are a portion of God performing work what he had already written in our destiny.We are the creatures that are performing our duties under his order.
What problems we are facing today are due to the sins we had done in our past.
Cursing God for ur problems,diseases studies etc is a bad habit.
What had written in urs fortune it will definitely going to happen.He is the “Almighty”who does every thing that is helpful,beneficial to the humanity,nature and this universe.

God is hidden in yourself,all we had to do is “Exploration,realization”
Swami Vivekananda when asked a question to his GURU-Rama Krishna Paramhansa that -“Have u seen GOD ?”
He answered that-“I see God by seeing u”.
So,we can conclude that religion are only the paths that lead us to God.

Ques-Every one in this universe had an insurance in Banks etc.,but what about the insurance that is going to help after we are DEAD?
Ans- All the good work,things we had done to society,humanity,worshiping God etc are the parts of life which can increase our insurance.
Soul is an integral part of our body.Soul must be bathed by good thoughts,feelings,etc.
It is the efficiency of the SOUL which counts for urs selection in “Hell or Heaven”.

All the above discussion will be like a myth for ” Younger GENERATION”.But i realize that there is a power that is guiding this world
Nature is an another face of God.Whenever the balance of nature is disturbed,it brings earthquakes,floods,famines,volcanoes.To maintain a balance “Eco friendly act must be there”.

Meditation ant to some extent Yoga can lead us to god.GURU is also necessary for this….
He can act as a link to connect us to god.With the advancement of technology new generation is confused about the “existence of God”.It is the duty of the parents ,that they must give knowledge of ALMIGHTY,Custom,traditions of our forefathers.
So in the end i can say that “If u believe in GOD,the world will believe in u” .


4 Responses to “Believe in GOD,the world will believe in You”

  1. I appreciate your effort trying to establish the omniprescence of god …but i would have been better if you could stick to one solid point about the mighty existence….but i would like some more of this kind of blog from your side

  2. sm says:

    good post ,still want to say belive in yourself ,do hard work, be honest with yourself and people will belive you,
    if u belive in god and dont do hardwork you wont see tree or fruits .
    nice post.

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