new era in the history of UNITED STATES


With Barack Hussein Obama becoming the 44th and  first black president of United States,a new era inthe history of US had began.

He is the african -american becoming the president of US.He had taken his oath on 20th jan 2009.He had joined the office at the time when a recession period is going in US and whole world.So,his first priority will be setting appropriate measures to bring a stability and to some extent bring a surge in the economy.Secondly ,steps will be taken by him to give an end to the war in Iraq and eradicate the rest Al-Qaida from Afghanistan.With George Bush going down,there  will be affect on the nuclear deal which was signed by US congress a few months back.

India have to keep it  relations best with US if it had to combat against terrorism.Both countries have to work symbiotically to  that can help each other,but India’s needs are more than America.

Focusing on the life of B. Obama,he was previously the junior united state senator from Illinois.He got 367 votes inthe election against Mccain who only got 168.Past US presidents who belongs to  Democratic party ,they are not good enough towards India.But Obama and Hilary Clinton  in its speech had given sympathetic words regarding India.

At last i will end this with his word given to the world (from India Today )-“we can’t help but believe that the old hatred shall someday pass;that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve;that the world grows smaller;our common humanity should reveal itself;;and that America must play its rolein unshering a new era of peace”.


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